Thursday, December 8, 2011


Who doesn't love Nutella?  Okay, maybe the chocolate haters- but they don't count. If you don't know what Nutella is its made with over 50 hazelnuts per jar, skim milk and cocoa... Its spreadable!  on anything!  Wow, right...

We were shopping at Costco (on a weekend) when they hand out samples.  Yes, I'll admit that's my families favorite day to go and not mine but I'll go along for the ride....

We saw the Nutella lady from across the aisle and my husband did one of those slow motion runs to get a sample... okay, maybe not... but it sure looked like it.  She was making toasted english muffins and then spreading Nutella over the top watching it melt like butter.... oh so yummy....

We immediately bought a jar (or 2)- You're at Costco- everything comes in LARGE or 2.

This is what we made:
Start out with Nutella and English Muffins (yes, that's it)

Toast them!

Have a little taste test! (Who needs bread?)

Now Enjoy!

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