Sunday, July 1, 2012

A New Adventure

I decided to share my little adventure with you after all the encouraging comments I received on my facebook page last week.  So here we go......

For the past few months I have been stalking vintage trailers on Pinterest and Craigslist. If you haven't seen them you are missing out.  Check out my Pinterest page called Camper Love.  I found some trailers being used as mobile boutiques and setting up on street corners and farmers markets. I like the idea of being mobile and I like the idea of having a store without a brick and mortar shop.  {Been there, done that}

After some Hubby convincing; he said YES!!!  If you know me- once I get the green light for something, please move out of the way......because it's on!

It only took me a few weeks to find a trailer here in Las Vegas.  Yes, 1 trailer.  That's it.  It had been listed for a day when I went to go see it.  The poor guy had to sell his "man cave" because his family was growing and wifey said to get rid of it.  Poor him, Yay Me!  It was in great condition with a lot of girly potential.  I could see right through his black and red decor and beer table.  We negotiated for a bit and he accepted my offer.  It's MINE, It's MINE!!!!!

I was at work when he delivered it to our house.  We offered to pick it up but he needed that last drive. Poor guy. Wait til he finds out what I'm doing to it :)  My husband said he showed him every last detail on the trailer and was almost in tears when he left.   I'll be sure to invite him to my first show.

Soooooooooo, I am the proud owner of a 1973 Canned Ham.  I love her!  I named her Petunia after my child hood pet pig...  Isn't she cute?

She is 13 feet long and 8 feet wide.  She doesn't even take up an entire parking space.  

I know you are saying- Who cares? It's a trailer... What the heck are you going to do with a tiny trailer?

Here is my plan:
Paint, Paint, Paint  
Restore the inside to reflect a shop
Find Craft Shows, Farmers Markets and Customers {yes, you} to have Home Shows

What am I going to sell?  Tutus?  
Yes, I will sell Tutus but this part of my biz will be called Allice's House and will let me expand my creativity to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING

So Here is where I'm at now:

Inspiration Board

I have high hopes, right???

Original Petunia:

My Painting of her stripe and getting rid of the black:

PS- I have learned that I despise painting large objects 

Yesterday I removed all the cushions, curtains, and "manly things" from the inside and started painting. I'm getting really good with a drill, goo off, painters tape and Home Depot loves me.  

I'd love to hear what you think about my new adventure and can't wait until her first outing.  Who's gonna be my first hostess????  

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Apple Tart

My dear friend Chantel gave me a few tart makers for Christmas and I am just getting around to using them.  Oh how I wish I didn't wait!  

Aren't they cute????

I decided to make the heart pocket pie mold first.  Here is what you need:

So Easy- 1- Pocket Pie Mold, 2- Your favorite fruit pie filling, 3- Pie Crust {I opted for store bought}

Here's what you do!

Make sure to brush the dough with a beaten egg white and add some sprinkles of sugar.  Bake at 400 degrees for 12 minutes.  Oh, so Perfect.  Did I say Perfect?  

Have you made a fruit pie from a mold?  I can't wait to try it again.

By the way- they microwave to Perfection the next day and are fab with coffee ;)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Painting Vacation

Last week my daughter Ashley and I celebrated end of school year with a trip to California.  My mother lives there so it's a great time to visit with her.  On the first day we went to the beach {ofcourse}.  

That evening we realized how sunburnt we both were.  My shins were a bright shiny red and her shoulders were untouchable.  Needless to say, Day 2 was spent relaxing, wearing loose clothes and not touching each other. 
We decided to paint some frames that I found at some garage sales that were left in my car.  My mother has been painting furniture lately for her antique shop and wanted to show me a few tricks up her sleeve.

Vintage frames and Collage Frames are on my list of things to add to my shop for craft shows.

We also got Papa involved {he had the cool tools and the multiple staple guns}

So next time you have an old frame sitting around- just pick your paint, add some chicken wire and repurpose it. 
 Yes, it's that easy. 
If you don't want to go to the trouble you can always just purchase one of mine at a craft show.  hint hint...

Have you done a project like this?  What do you repurpose around the house?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Strawberries Everywhere!

As most of you know, I live in Las Vegas.  Yes, it's hot. Yes, it's windy. Yes, our dirt has NO nutrients in it to grow anything and Yes, I'm not a gardener.  However, for some reason my garden seems to flourish every year.  You might remember my post last summer about my Basil harvest here.  
Lots and Lots of Pesto!  

My strawberry plants didn't do very well last year so I wasn't going to do anything with them this year.  And then this happened-

It's so funny that when I posted this pictured yesterday on Facebook majority of my Vegas friends were in disbelief and thought I bought them.  Those silly friends. {how I love them}

These plants are from last year and came back twice as strong this year literally overnight.  So this is the lesson in patience. {insert the rolling eyes from my children}

And no Garden is complete without Wine!

Yep, those are grapes......

Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Craft Show Success

Last weekend was The Polkadot Owl Market and it was a success!  Veronica and I have been working on this Market for a few months and all of our work paid off. 

 We ended up with 18 vendors, around 80+ people stopped by to shop and visit and everyone wanted to know if we could do this every weekend.  umm, Not!  {but I did think about how we can do it more often}

Day 2 

Here are a few pics of our vendors and shoppers:

She put 28 feathers in customers hair- awesome at 11!

You can find more pictures on our facebook page here: 
You can join our emailed newsletter by sending us our email to
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Thanks to my partner in crime, Veronica for making this event run so smoothly and to all my family and friends for supporting my business and helping me build my dreams ;)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trunk Shows

So my friend over at Art Box Designed Fused Glass posted a link about having a successful trunk show with pictures of beautiful trunks.  It made me think about the beautiful cases and trunks I brought home from my grandmothers house after she passed away last year.  Beautiful worn leather and chunky straps in browns and reds.  I made my husband keep them and store them safely in the garage and was sure they would never be used again...... Until now.

As I'm planning my craft show display I'm really excited to use her cases to display my headbands, onesies and tophats.  I still need to set up the table {that's for another post} but I'm really excited about actually using her treasures.

Last week my husband and I took a trip to Denver, Co and went to antique row.  I found so many ideas for trunk shows:

Love this blue trunk!

Don;t you wonder who traveled with this case?

I would love to have this stack of cases but they were a little pricey

 One word- "Gorgeous"

So, next time you see a trunk- grab it and make it a great display piece for your craft show or participate in a trunk show in your area.

Have you ever done a trunk show????

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring has Sprung

The past few weeks have been filled with orders from my etsy shop, kids going to Sea Camp, more college applications, taxes, garage sale, getting organized AND planning a Spring Home Boutique with my friend Veronica at Life in the Thrifty Lane.  

Veronica and I are so excited to have our first of hopefully many Home Boutiques. We are seeing a trend in California and wanted to bring it to Las Vegas. So here we go.........We named it The Polkadot Owl Market.  Lots of brainstorming to get that name and we ended up liking owls and liking polkadots.. {so there ya have it}.  Elena from worldwidemom designed our logo and we love it!

Right now we have 15 vendors of all handmade items.  Now that we have commitments, we are in the planning and marketing stage.  Fun!  I just ordered business cards and lawn signs from Vista Print and we opened a facebook page here.  {I would love for you to like and share our page, plus you can stay up to date on our current event and vendors and our future events as well}

I hope to see you at our event!