Saturday, March 3, 2012

Family Pictures

I had this great idea to hire a professional photographer and do family pictures for my stairway while my oldest daughter was home.  {That was the easy part}. 

I hired Pure Photography {she took my pictures for Tutuland and is very talented}

Now the outfits!  I decided on Coral and Blues.  I started searching Pinterest for some ideas-

I had a lot of choices and that's not good.  I went crazy.  

Ashley and I went shopping and found shoes. I know that's backwards but that's how we roll.  I found her a pair of electric blue flats with rhinestones and myself a pair of tan shoes with rhinestones.  It was a start.  6 stores later I found Amanda a pair of electric blue shoes with flowers. Yay, I'm now getting somewhere!  

I decided Jeans for everyone and the hubs could wear a white shirt.  {Easey Peezy}
I found Ashley a cute blue shirt at Justice and Amanda a White Shirt with belt at a local store.  
{both of the girls wore the outfits but will probably never wear them again}

We headed out to Bonnie Springs- A local place that is ranchy and great for pics.  When we arrived our photographer said she heard through the photog grapevine that they were getting ran out of there for taking pictures.  We decided to leave and head to Spring Mountain Ranch; mind you it's 4pm now and daylight is dimming.  

My Rescue Hubs decides we would hike back to the "lake".  Umm, the lake was a hole in the earth with a little water and lots of bugs! At this point, Ashley had lost a stone in her shoe, I was sweating {hiking over 40 in full makeup is not my thing}, Amanda was fighting flying bugs and my husband had taken off without us while I helped the photographer and her gear.  

Since the sun was still shining {in a bad way} we decided to sit on a thorny log and SMILE.  

We took a few more pics around the "lake" and decided to leave and head to Redrock while we still had sun.  We ended up with this really cute picture {totally random} and my favorite. 

The moral of the story:

All of the trouble is TOTALLY worth it!  I have pictures that I will cherish for life!

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Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

Gorgeous pictures of a a beautiful family!