Monday, January 23, 2012

New Year- New Blog

I entered a contest over at Sassy Sanctuary to win a free mini blog design makeover- guess who won??

Me...............  Yay, me! 

I was so excited and Krystal was so easy to work with.  We must have emailed each other 50 times with changes- she wasn't happy until I was happy.  Love her. 
She has everything from a Mini makeover to a Mega makeover. 

Sassy Sanctuary

I can't thank her enough for what she has done with my blog.  I get so happy when I read it. 

Now with a click of a button you can follow me on facebook, twitter, pinterest, email me and grab a button.

What do you think?


ChezChani said...

Looks great!!

Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

Looks great, Krystal is amazing to work with!

brooklynsmom said...

I'm trying to start a small business making glass pendant photo keychains, bows, sequined holiday headbands, and flower headbands. I have made a few tutus but there not as cute as yours!! :)