Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trunk Shows

So my friend over at Art Box Designed Fused Glass posted a link about having a successful trunk show with pictures of beautiful trunks.  It made me think about the beautiful cases and trunks I brought home from my grandmothers house after she passed away last year.  Beautiful worn leather and chunky straps in browns and reds.  I made my husband keep them and store them safely in the garage and was sure they would never be used again...... Until now.

As I'm planning my craft show display I'm really excited to use her cases to display my headbands, onesies and tophats.  I still need to set up the table {that's for another post} but I'm really excited about actually using her treasures.

Last week my husband and I took a trip to Denver, Co and went to antique row.  I found so many ideas for trunk shows:

Love this blue trunk!

Don;t you wonder who traveled with this case?

I would love to have this stack of cases but they were a little pricey

 One word- "Gorgeous"

So, next time you see a trunk- grab it and make it a great display piece for your craft show or participate in a trunk show in your area.

Have you ever done a trunk show????

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Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

Love ALL those trunks! Especially the blue one!
I spotted a set of really vintage suitcases a few months back at GW and didn't got them...regret now!!!