Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Project Life- January

I didn't think we did very much in January, but after printing my pictures at Walgreens; I guess we did.

Ashley was really excited to get started {She's a crafty girl}

I was really excited and forgot that it was all about easy {I pulled down the cutter, stickers, pens}

Completed Project

I have a few more pictures I need to get printed from my phone but 5 scrapbook pages later in 45 minutes isn't bad.  I love how I will have a keepsake of Ashley's handwriting forever.

My hairdresser; JamieLynn told me that you can print pictures right off of your Facebook account at Target.  Have you done that?  I'm soooo trying this for next month.


Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

Love the idea to have your kid's handwriting in the album t keep it as keepsake.
Had no idea you could print right off your FB account!!

Melanie said...

You can also upload your facebook photos to Walgreen's!

Tutuland said...

My Walgreens didnt have the upload yet. Coming Soon she said.. I need to Walgreen hop in my neighborhood.