Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Practice Practice Practice

So I anxiously heated my hotfix tool up last night (4 minutes), spread out the crystals and immediately realized I needed glasses. 3mm is very very tiny. I decided to practice on some deep purple ribbon that I love. If youre trying this at home remember to WAIT for the tool to heat up before you even try to pick up the crystals. Guess what? It wont work or adhere if you dont. So I patiently waited after getting frustrated that it wasnt as easy as I thought. After reading the 3 step instructions it says the first time the tool heats up it will take longer. I should have read those before I was about to throw the thing out the door. Okay, just kidding. I really am more patient than that. I was just really excited to BLING something. I decided to free hand my work and not use the recommended dot pattern or template. Hmmm, tonight I will be trying the patterns. My freehand is a little too free. Here is what I ended up with: Ashley made the butterfly freehand and in my opinion is the best design on the line; but she's my kid and ofcourse its the best one. Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

I'm like that when I do something for the first time, too. I breeze through instructions like I don't need them, and then I get frustrated that something's not working like I imagined.